“Great experience!
Jessica’s knowledge and passion of reflexology is a credit to her treated me for lymphedema results were amazing 1 week on still no build up 
Highly recommend her service 
Thanks Jessica”

Dean Maher, Australia

"After almost a year of tummy pains and no sleep, I finally took my daughter to see Jessica at *BFR. Jess immediately discovered very tender little feet and together we set about treating Indie for her intestinal problems. After a week she was a different baby, we went from her waking every hour of every night squirming in pain to sleeping throught the night. The results were amazing! We had tried a number of other treatments and sleep aids but nothing had worked for us, I was relunctent to sped money on yet another remedy but certainly now I wish I had tried sooner. Jess made the journey a really positive experience. I only wish I knew about it seven years ago when my eldest daughter went through the same problems! 

Thanks Jess for saving our lives and letting us sleep again"

Nikki and Indie, Taupo

“Jessica operates an Empowering, Proffessional, Informative Clinic in short EPIC I was well impressed with her knowledge and professionalism, I am loving the Amazing magnesium Flakes too”

Kath Shaw, Taupo


"I cannot believe how great I am feeling after my treatment with you. My sleeping has improved dramatically, my energy levels have increased and my general well being is so much better. But the BEST thing of all is the HUGE change in my menstrual cycle. Normally I get yucky tummy pains and become really irritable the week leading up to it so I always know when I was due....but now it just arrives and goes. Tummy pains and moodiness gone. BLISS. My husband has noticed a big change also. You rock. Thankyou :)" 

Cushla, Taupo


"A wonderful experience, Sleep improved greatly and feet felt light (rather like a butterfly!!!) Thank you so much Jess. Just wish I didn't live on the other side of the world!"

Jackie, London


Feet...Body...mind and soul feel so refreshed after an amazing treatment from the lovely and very funny Jessica. This gal really knows her stuff and is super passionate about her expertise!! Thanks Jess, I'm a new Reflexology Junkie!!"

Karla, Taupo


"Thank you Jess for the most amazing reflexology experience today...the knowledge you shared and advice given I will take on board...I cant wait to come back to Taupo to see you again...I feel great already and look forward to this feeling lasting"

Sandra, Dubai


"I am 62 and a bread contractor, I work 7 days a week, 364 days of the yearend my hours are 9pm - 10-11am the next morning. This is an example of the toll this work takes on my body physically and mentally as well as disruption to my body clock. When I came to see Jessica I was pretty chronic...tired, rundown, overweight and I needed a good "tune up". Right from the first appointment Jessica picked up on all the things that were wrong with me...pretty much everything!! Kidneys, liver, sinuses, heart, thought process...the list went on. I have visited her once a week since October 2013 and have progressed really well. Reflexology is one of the most underrated  therapies but also one of the most EFFECTIVE. Jessica can asses your body's internal health and balance by pressing on particular points in your feet and working them. Theres no hiding anything from her expert fingers!!

Jessica has a few other tools in her box of skills that compliment her already expert reflexology talents. Jessica is very professional, friendly, well informed and passionate about her work. She makes a DIFFERENCE and this very satisfied and happy customer can and will attest to that. Her administrations have made a difference to my health and wellbeing and made me more aware of my body and how it works. Look after it...GO SEE JESSICA!"

Karen, Taupo

“Blown away by my experience at Butterfly feet with Jessica. I learnt SO much this morning thanks Jessica you are so lovely and so passionate about what you do. Can't wait until I can come back!”

Danii Hill, Wellington


"I have had reflexology before so I thought I knew what to expect, but it was soon parent that my previous experiences fell well short of what Butterfly Feet offers. Jess is much more than a Reflexologist, she is a totally professional, gifted healer. One who's focus is to work with her clients and not simply 'on her clients'. This is not a one time indulgence but an on going therapy programme. Informative, empowering AND pleasurable. Thank you!

Fiona, Taupo